Crafted for the modern-day women Royaled is a pret-a-couture brand offering collections that can be worn all year round; seasonless and timeliness. Creating garments with a persona that provide mesmerizing elegance and character only fit for a queen, epitomized by grace to assert their thrones with aspirations and dreams. Developed through meticulous tailoring, bespoke structure, and high quality fabrics. A fashion staple exemplified as contemporary, powerfully classy, and tastefully stylish.

Royaled is founded by Renad Hefni, a young Saudi visionary committed to empowering women through their senses of individuality bringing the brand essence “crown your confidence” to life.




The Essence of Royaled

A crown represents power, legitimacy, victory, triumph, honor and glory; traditionally passed down by monarchs. In its purest form, it symbolizes leadership to closely align the women of the 21st century with their rights of passage to confidence and influence.

Royaled looks to celebrate every woman who treasures her character by crowning her with a virtual crown and a throne fit for the queen aura that radiates with inspiration. Jeweled with grace, charm and confidence.